Bikini Designed Exclusively for You!

Many designers in Australia these days focus on creating exclusive bikini designs. One can easily buy bikini in Australia wide easily from these designers. One will be surprised to know that some of the designers have now become millionaire by creating mischievous bikini designs. They understand a woman’s needs, which are a part of her lifestyle and make them look attractive as ever.

Bikini – Realises You

The Bikini is a part of you. At times, it becomes an inspiration to lose weight. You tend to maintain your body to fit into an attractive bikini. It is considered as a style icon for many and boosts confidence. It’s an essence of a woman’s life just as like any other daily item.

With the onset of summer in Australia, it’s all about the warmth and time to relax. Every woman chooses to buy bikini Australia designers sell, making them gorgeous and confident at the beach.

Know Bikini History

Louis Reard, a French designer, revealed the concept of bikini in 1946. It was well appreciated by Western Europeans. Louis along with another designer, Jacques Heim, made a prototype and called it as ‘atom’. From then, the world of bikini emerged and never looked back. Now, you have thousands of designers worldwide and hundreds of them in Australia itself who create masterpieces for you.

Bikini – An Intimate and Reliable Friend

Traditionally, you would find this intimate friend, bikini, not so friendly as you would find sizes as small (S), medium (M), large (L) and extra- large (XL) maybe. Now you may get hundreds of sizes and even fitted bikinis exclusively designed for you.

Know more to Choose the Right One – Bikini Variants and You

Every woman is different and beautiful! All they need to know is their body type. Here are some tips about bikini variants and you, when you opt to buy bikini Australia shops sell to uplift the beauty.

String bikini: It’s sparser and skimpier. This bikini has two triangular-shaped  pieces that are attached between the abdomen and the thigh but not at the sides. This is the most popular one of all.

Monokini: This is a topless swimsuit and also known as unikini. This bikini was originally designed by an Austrian fashion designer.

Microkini: This is a super skimpy bikini good enough to just cover the intimate parts.

Tankini: This is a combination of swimsuit and a tank top. Material used here is mostly spandex-and-cotton or even Lycra and nylon. It is differentiated from the classic bikini by making the tops different, which are essentially tank tops.

Trikini: It’s also called a kerchief and has two small saucers. This one is also called a strapless bikini or no string bikini.

Sling bikini: This bikini is a one-piece suit, providing little, or even less, coverage as a bikini. You would have straps behind the neck joining the back.

Skirtini: This has a bikini top with a tiny, skirted bottom. This gives more coverage, and is a unique innovation.

All you need to know is your body type; whether it’s pear shaped, hourglass, fuller figure, petite, athletic or straight. Australian market gives you all that you want.