Why 170 Reports Make A Difference in Digital Transcription

You’ve likely heard the old expression, “Practice makes perfect.” Future MT clearly believes in the truth of that statement. That’s why they provide so many practice dictation reports in their online digital transcription training.

Students in the Future MT digital transcription course are required to complete 170 practice dictation reports. You’ll get 10-15 reports for each medical discipline you study in the course. Each type of report is unique to the needs of that particular specialty so that you get familiar with the different types of reports you’ll be required to complete as a digital transcriptionist.

Additionally, you get six hours of authentic physician dictations. These are actual physicians dictating to you so that you get practice listening to accents and other anomalies associated with speech.

While you are required to complete 170 dictation reports to complete the digital transcription course by Future MT, the school also provides an additional 173 practice reports that you can do on your own to further hone your skills. You can never have too much practice!

How much time you spend on dictation is entirely up to you. You can go fast or slow. However long it takes you to complete the course is all up to you. You can blow through it quickly or take your time. In the end, all that matters is that you are qualified to hold a position as a digital transcriptionist and that are employed. Future MT does everything possible to ensure that happens.