VIP Pheromones

After putting all of this together, you are going to be dealing with high quality women and they’re going to test your pheromones. It’s a woman’s way of making sure that you really are the king that you say you are using real pheromones perfume. She can fall head over heels in love and in lust with you very easily so to keep herself safe she will test you. Don’t take it personal and remain unfazed by her antics and as long as you are true and genuine you will pass all of her tests with flying colors.

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In chapter 5 I showed you what ties all of these principles together. It’s not what you know it’s whom you know. Women are hard wired to date inside their social circles and the hottest women rarely ever stray away from their social circles. Why should she date the random guy at the bar when she can date the guy in her social group that’s already pre—selected vetted and that she knows will slot right into her life? Access is everything and if you can use the 3 step process, identifying the women you like, finding the low hanging fruit and then getting to Introductory Rapport, you can infiltrate any social circle in the world of pheromone production.

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