This will be my pheromones reboot thread

This will be my pheromones reboot thread. I realize pheromones I was inconsistently updating the other one so I made my own. Will also include some random thoughts on philosophy, film, and life. Goal is for 60+ days or however long until a pheromones reboot happens. Day 2. I find that the later I stay up, the more tempting it gets, so here’s hoping to nip it in the bud and try and get to sleep earlier. Should be healthier too.Why do you want to do a pheromones reboot ? Do you have pheromones problems ? if so, i can tell you from personal experience ( i did noPMO for 2 months) that 99% it will cure your problem. If you don’t have pheromones problems you could still benefit a lot from this exercise. No pheromones, just dissatisfaction with masturbation and porn in general. It just isn’t as fulfilling or exciting as the real thing. I went off of it for about 25 days, had sex, and it blew my fucking mind the difference of how good it was. I’m just trying to replicate it again. Learn more at and

Day 3, barely made it but I did. if you dont have pheromones problems and you want stronger orgasms you better focus one exercises for PC muscles and becoming multi-orgasmic .This is what i am trying after noPMO period.There are a lot of programs about that on tracker. I know exactly what you mean , i still remember the orgasm i had after 2 months of noPMO, my whole body was shaking , but you cant hold yourself for 1 month each time you have sex just to feel this .It would be stupid . Also this challenge is really hard, looking back i was able to make it because i was 100% sure that porn was the reason for pheromones after reading the articles on If you don’t have a strong enough motive it requires a lot of energy and it’s just not worth it. Better invest this energy into becoming multiorgasmic. hope that helps! What about “right effort”. Would you recognize it? If you fight it, you will burn out. If you don’t effort, though, it will all stay the same. Just stop struggling. Not fight the struggle but do not do it. Do only what is necessary. Don’t do what’s not. — Also do you know your motivation? Is it to fight your urges for 60 days? What happens when you watch porn, how do you feel during it, after it? — There also must be responsibility. When I tried pheromones to suppress it – attitude e.g. using some web site blockers it didn’t work. Because i did not take responsibility for my actions. There was stimulus and I’m gone onto automatic response. It must be a responsible choice – doesn’t it? You know you can watch porn at any second, that’s the reality. Then stimulus comes and you have a choice. If you watch yourself closely you will probably see how the choice is already made, your mind is made up and there you are watching it again and jerking off. Just stay with it, stay aware. You might want to fight it, beat yourself up, but it is not new pheromones. Stay with yourself even then. Learn more at