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Which stores sell bamboo table covers?

Online stores offer money back guarantee, gift fast delivery, usually better prices and often much better range and colors.

Retail stores offer store credit cards and instant availability of the product, although you would have to drive to the store and accept whatever selection they have on offer.

Wash after wash, bamboo table covers keep their antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) properties which keeps the linen fresh and odor resistant because of bamboo’s unique natural antibacterial ‘bamboo kun’. This makes it ideal for table covers and comfortable and very hygienic.

Scientists in various research studies have concluded that bamboo plants have bacteria resistant bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’ which provides a very hygienic environment against bacterial agents.

Bamboo table covers also possess the ability of wicking, ventilation and breathability. This is one of its properties that directly result in comfort by reducing moisture (in fact excellent moisture absorbent) and increasing ventilation, while adjusting to body temperature.

During hot summers, bamboo table covers are ideal for absorbing moisture and evaporates for a dry, comfortable feel.

Try it for yourself while using this eco-friendly product and help our planet use products that are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Once you use them, you will want to keep using them again and again.