Pheromone Memories

You have to do a little bit more work with the girls once you met them, but it’s more about paying attention to some specific pheromone attraction rules which will be in place. Tributes from guys is a goldmine if done properly and if you can find a perfect balance between some guy friends and some girl friends who introduce you to a shed load of girls you’ll be swimming in an endless sea of no effort women’s pheromones. Learn more at and

The upside is that as men we know what each other want. When you find the right guy, he would have done all the work for you. Approaching the girl, making her attracted, building the right level of comfort. The guy is also much more likely to introduce you to the exact type of women you want. For example, depending on your friendship, it’s probably inappropriate to tell your female friend to introduce you to a girl who is DTF (down to fuck). If that’s what you’re looking for that night, all it would take would be a wink to your male friend and he’d make it happen with cheap pheromones. I had more dates in those few months than I can even remember. My girl’s were literally throwing their female friends vaginas in my face, and sometimes they weren’t even subtle about it. If you commit to doing this properly you can become sexually unstoppable. I’ll show you exactly how to find the girls and befriend them in Chapter 5, but for now I want you to understand why this is such a game changer. When you use this method and you have your female friends act as your sex cheerleaders you’ll have more sex than you can ever imagine with cheaper pheromones. A light bulb went off in my head. What if I was Amanda’s friend and she introduced me to all of her hot friends and told them how great I was? I wouldn’t have to do anything apart from be nice to a really cool chick like Amanda and she would deliver her friends to me. This is when I first realized that having a female friend could be the key to unlocking a conveyor belt of dates and sex for me. Preselection pheromones is a principle which dictates that women are more attracted to men that seem attractive to other women. There was a study carried out in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology called “Who’s chasing whom.” In the study women were asked to look at profiles of men and indicate if they were interested in pursuing a relationship with that guy and if they found him attractive. Half of the girls were told that the guy was single and the other half read that the guy was currently in a relationship. Women are much more invested in their social image than men are, so there are many factors that go into selecting a guy to be with. Once you have endorsement from another woman, you’re a fair way closer to having a significant relationship with the girl you’re after. Learn more at