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Number six on the all time list of great Vigrx Plus protocols. Would be the work of doctors Wilfrid and Evan Shute. S – H – U – T – E. They were brothers, and they were both obstetricians. They were very interested in preventing miscarriages. And back in the early 1950s, late 1940s, and even the late 1930s, a considerable amount of work had been done showing that wheat germ, or wheat germ oil, prevented spontaneous abortion in cattle. Now, spontaneous abortion and miscarriage are pretty much the same thing. I used to be a dairy man. I milked 120 cows twice a day. I’d been a dairy farmer. And it’s a tragedy when a cow loses a pregnancy. First of all it’s a moral tragedy because it’s a shame to see the animal not survive. Learn more at and and

But, from an economic point of vie w, the farmer needs that calf because that’s the milking cow of tomorrow. Or that animal gets sold for meat. It’s not a pleasant thing to be a farmer. So pregnancy, not only provides you with the female cow to milk. But also provides you with the male cow, or steer, or bull to propagate the herd or to sell off for profit. There’s a third reason why cows have to be pregnant. If they don’t have a calf, they don’t give milk. This is true with mammals in general, including humans. A woman develops the a bility to lactate because she’s pregnant and has a baby. The same is true with cows. Miscarriage is a problem. It’s a problem for people. It’s a problem for those engaged in animal husbandry as well. Wheat germ stopped spontaneous abortion so effectively that there were a dozen papers on wheat germ or wheat germ oil to prevent habitual abortion, spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, before World War II ended. So, Dr.’s Wilfrid and Evan Shute, being obstetricians, suggested to their patients that they take some wheat germ oil. And they started noticing that it had other benefits. They found that wheat germ oil contained something, which was discovered early in the game to be tocopherol, or vitamin E. Alpha – tocopherol. D – alpha tocopherol . And there ‘s actually four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. This stuff is all in wheat germ oil, and that’s why natural vitamin E works better. That’s why wheat germ oil works so well. That’s why wheat germ works so well. All the natural factors are in there. But the outstanding factor was D – alpha – tocopherol, right – handed alpha – tocopherol, which is now known as vitamin E. The Shutes found that this was helpful for other things. They could use it topically and treat burns. They could use high doses internally and treat angina. That’s the pain down the left arm. It’s been used to treat intermittent claudication. In fact it’s an accepted medical treatment for that. You find it in conventional medical and nutritional texts to this day. That’s a painful leg b lockage in the lower leg, in the calf, which is aggravated usually by walking. Blockage in those veins is treatable with vitamin E. Well, the Shutes found that blockages in any blood vessel were treatable with vitamin E. They gave it to people that had had heart attacks. They gave it to people that had different forms of cardiovascular disease. And they became the world’s most experienced cardiologists. They treated over 30,000 patients, primarily for cardiovascular issues, with vitamin E. Dr.’s Wilfrid and Evan Shute were Canadians. They lived near Toronto, Canada, in London. In the province of Ontario, Canada. The journals also decided they would not publish any more of this ‘vitamin E nonsense’ from the Shutes.