My First Introduction to Pheromones

I was first introduced to this pheromone concept by a man that calls himself David X. He’s a crazy fucker in my eyes. Might seem a bit too extroverted. Anyway the basic idea he shares is that you should be relentlessly honest about your opinions, your thoughts and feelings as much as your intents. Simple theory of how life should be without human pheromones. So when I first heard it, I was like: “shit it must take balls to be like that.” But the thing I came to experience was that you don’t need balls to do that. The process is reversed. Learn more at and

You grow balls AS you do it. Pheromones will increaser your success. AS you are relentlessly expressing your interior world you are growing balls. With this you do everything trice as fast than you would do if you’d go by the old fashioned “pussy-method” of going through dozens of turns instead of taking the straight road. Of course nothing that you get advised doesn’t work until you become honest with yourself first. You have to stop hiding the true facts about yourself FROM yoursel with pheromones. Honesty, sincerity are really the cheapest options out there. You can achieve anything with them just because of their simplicity. You get girls, you get what you want, you become humorous and you are able to double everything in short amounts of time for what you have been struggling for ages before. We are in general more outcome dependent with real pheromones. We always search for something that will bring us what we want as fast as possible. There’s a cliche for this known as the “magic-bullet”. But the thing with all these outcomes is that it all comes down to one thing we always experience with real pheromones. Every time when we crave so much for getting something as fast as possible we then totally forget about it. Pheromones make attraction easier. As soon as we get it we are the shit of the world. But after a while the feelings fades away. So it doesn’t really matter if we get what we want since we don’t truly appreciate it when we get it. What’s more beautiful of succeeding is the path we’re taking towards or destination. That’s why, the true process, the path, has so much more value than the whole outcome with real pheromones. In the process we have the ability to be competitive, to be mean, to be playful, to take it seriously or to take it playfully The bar girl comes over to me i say them first and they a very appreciative and start to touch me pat me on the back. I enter chode like state and smiile and look at girls tits coming out of her top…naturally my right brain stopped functioning and in turn the conversation ended abruptly. Out of all possibilities we always seem to chose the one that brings nothings. And that is “searching for a way to get it as fast as possible”. And when we don’t achieve it we beating ourselves down and being depressed and frustrated. Learn more at