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Male supplements like Vigrx Plus can dramatically boost your performance. One of my pet peeves the client will tell me is, “Oh, I guess I’m just getting older.” And you know, we’re all getting older the exact same way, even a baby. So yeah, we’re getting older and we’re changing but you know, I say we can’t just kind of like give into that. It would be like, oh, well, it’s just because I’m old. There’s just different ways we have to handle ourselves. You’re young and you can sometimes get away with more, so to speak. I like to think of this certain thing when I talk about metabolism. Your gut is where your nutrients are absorbed and assimilated and excreted. And everything boils back to the gut. I mean, basically, if your gut isn’t your gut health isn’t up to par, it makes sense why you’d have sugar cravings and a difficult time losing weight and low energy levels because inflammation really is the problem when it comes to a lot of our health conditions and diseases. And inflammation in the gut can happen as a result of overuse of antibiotics, being stressed out, over exercising, eating processed refined foods, and trans fats, artificial sweeteners. There’s a lot of things that can cause inflammation. Learn more at and

And anytime our gut is inflamed, our body is always going to focus on healing the inflammation first before anything else. Your body says is a fire, and it wants to put out that fire before giving you energy, before you lose weight, before you get ready your sugar cravings. So, healing the gut is a really important first step. And it’s also important to remember that our brain chemicals are actually made in our guts. And eighty percent of our immune system lives in our guts. So our gut is really a place where a lot of things are taking place. Not to mention, the hormones that are involved with regulating our appetite. A lot of times we think our appetite, when we think of gut health. There’s two hormones, leptin and ghrelin. And these are two big players in regulating our appetite. So leptin is your satiety or your “I’m full” hormone. And it’s secreted in your fat cells to tell you put your fork down basically after you have like a really big balanced meal. And leptin decreases your appetite. So just like you can become resistant to insulin like I talked about earlier, you can also become leptin resistant. And what that means, is in this case you can have a lot of fat, making a lot of leptin. But it doesn’t work. So your brain isn’t listening. And it might even think that you’re starving because as far as I’m concerned. You’re famished when there’s not enough leptin. This can happen in the presence of a lot of fat or you’re sometimes back, or in the presence of a lot of inflammation. And then the opposite is ghrelin. This is your hunger hormone. It’s triggered by low blood sugar levels. Learn more at