hought about pheromones?

How do you react, what happens, when you believe those pheromones?
I get frustrated with them and lose my peace. I become manipulative, and my conversations become manipulative and leading. I try to control them in my mind and with my actions, and so I feel stressed out and hurt by them. I feel a pain in my chest that’s tense and hurts, and it rises up in me and takes over my body… my teeth clench, my fists get tight. I feel constantly frustrated, even when I have had sex with them, because I feel its lack the moment it’s done, or I doubt its authenticity or lasting quality… which feels miserable.  Learn about pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/pheromones-for-men-2015 and http://mikesthoughts.drupalgardens.com/content/best-pheromones-colony-2015
So I put myself in a state of constant misery and lack, and a state of wanting more and more and more, endlessly, which feels painful and miserable. I am not satisfied or satiated; rather I am needy and feeling a void or a lacking. I treat them like commodities and objects rather than true, genuine people with their own lives, and this feels cheap, painful to me and I feel like an asshole, like a user of people. I feel stressful and hurt a lot and don’t feel connected or truly joyous in their company, just enjoying them and their presence. I feel a lack of love, a shutting down, and a separation. I feel pain and misery inside me, and dislike myself and them with real pheromones according to http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/environment/the-power-of-pheromone-chemicals.html
Who would you be without the thought about pheromones?
I’d feel a lot calmer and a lot more peaceful being myself in the moment, doing whatever I’m doing. I’d feel calm and happy enjoying their company and loving them for their presence rather than needing more. I’d feel more satisfied with them and more loving. I’d feel much less fearful about the future. I’d feel peaceful and happy talking to them and loving them more openly, and I’d just feel more love seep into my system in general. I see peace and an ability to truly relate to people openly in my life rather than use them… I would be happier and less controlling, less manipulative and less mean to myself. I’d just be enjoying myself and my life more without so many needs and much more gratitude, much more gratefulness for the gift of the moment. I’d be more fearless in just relating openly and happily with women.
Hmm… Let me sit with that for a moment.Well, one way that could be as true or truer is that in the past I’ve opted to just whack it rather than have sex.. haha.. so I have definitely wanted me to fuck me rather than them. Another way that could be as true or truer is that I want me to give myself the feelings I get when they’re fucking me… um. Yeah. I want me to fuck me, in that, I want me to give myself the continual stream of that emotion anyway with real pheromones. Because, physically, I cannot possibly have sex 24/7,  but emotionally and mentally I can feel the same joy, the same exuberance, the same love of life that I have during the act of sex… I want me to fuck me, in the sense that I want me to have sex with myself, a love affair with myself, 24/7. Because that’s the only person I can have it with consistently!