Don’t Be A Beta Male

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the behaviors beta males display that make women (consciously or otherwise) consider them low sexual mastery: – Beta males are afraid to offend women and seek their validation and acceptance instead. While an alpha-male might treat a pretty girl like his dorky little sister, a beta male treats her like a special little snowflake whose opinions are very important. – Beta males bend over backwards for pretty women and sacrifice their own interest for hers. They are exceedingly considerate, accommodating and nice. Learn more at and

They apologize even when they did nothing wrong. They are respectful even when no such respect is warranted. They move across the country to be with their girlfriends. High sexual mastery men have women move to where they are. – They try to be her friend first, lover second. They give her thoughtful surprises, remember personal details and make mix tapes. Beta males do these things because they wrongly believe such cute and thoughtful acts will endear them to their girlfriends. It does the opposite. – Beta males agree with everything their inamorata says and tries to build rapport through shared interests and hobbies. “Yeah, Trump is such a jerk” and “I love Coldplay too, I heard they’re amazing live.” – Beta males put up with unreasonable behavior and don’t call women out on their bullshit. Because of this, they don’t pass shit tests. – Beta males mate-guard. Mate guarding is not specific to humans but rather occurs throughout the animal kingdom. It is the practice of actively attempting to prevent a member of the opposite gender gaining sexual access to one’s mate. Beta males, concerned deep down that their woman could do better, mate guard fiercely. Since a high sexual mastery man believes it would be nearly impossible for his mate to do better than him, he is unconcerned by other men’s advances. Women will make you jealous on purpose to see how you react. If you mate guard, she understands that you must be low sexual mastery and you lose. – Beta males make their women the center of their universe. Women should never be the focus of a man’s life, but rather a compliment to it. Women don’t want you to focus on them anyway; they want you to hustle. They’re not turned on by your tenderly gazing into her eyes over your elaborately prepared, rose petal covered, candle-lit dinner. Betas have submissive body language. They take up a minimum of space and look uncomfortable. They tread and speak carefully. – Beta males are very concerned about how others perceive them. They avoid conflict and try to get along with everybody. – Betas are ashamed of their own sexual desire. They are passive and don’t take what they want. They often wait for women to initiate intercourse. – Beta males display signs of insecurity. They talk and move quickly (like a kitten or a squirrel), seem nervous, fidgety, jumpy or otherwise ill at ease. Alpha males, on the other hand, have slower, more controlled movements. Learn more at