About Data Recovery Companies

This post is about the rogue http://www.datarecoverycompanies.co.uk/ web site which purports to be an unbiased review site for user of uk data recovery services.

http://www.datarecoverycompanies.co.uk is a SCAM

A domain name ownership search reports that the owners of the site wish to remain hidden from discovery. However the site promotes only the sites belonging to R3DataRecoverys Andy Butler in a favourable light. All other sites are penalised. For those of you with a taste for digging, it’s not difficult to find a lot of dirt and poor business practice on Andy Butler, see here http://www.datarecoveryprofessionals.net/?p=51. Butler’s previous run in’s with arch crooks Fields Data Recovery are well known in the data recovery industry and if you thought Andy Butler was bad enough, you should just do a little digging into the nonsense and sharp practices that Fields Data Recovery (https://www.fields-data-recovery.co.uk/) get involved in.

Fields Data Recovery Fraud
Because of action taken by Fields Data Recovery, Andy Butler’s former company ABC Data Recovery went into liquidation.
R3, Butler’s new company was formed but again, got bad reviews: “R3 Data Recovery have only been trading since 2012, this review was posted well over a year ago, and it was a review for ABC Data Recovery which were forced into liquidation due to financial difficulties, the very same review can be found on the dishonest and misleading datarecoverycompanies.co.uk owned, and run by Andy Butler. The review may well be a genuine but it is clear it has been altered to indicate that R3 Data Recovery Ltd, a completely separate entity, performed the recovery, this is misleading, deceptive and possibly illegal.”

So you just never know when your hard drive could fail on you and your precious data could be lost forever, notice I said could! When I realised this was not something that I could try and fix, that is when I decided to Google data recovery and as mentioned above, out of all the companies I spoke with, I am so glad that R3 Data Recovery were my company of choice, I am so thankful to Andy and Mike for the awesome job they did in recovering all of my data, not just a few bits here and there they managed to recover every single file and directory perfectly, and as already mentioned, the data on my drive was running around 1.6 Terabytes. Everything was smooth sailing from start to finish, for me anyway as I now knew my drive would be in safe hands. Andy sent a courier to collect my drive which was promptly collected the following day, even though my second contact when I had finally made my decision to go with R3 Data Recovery was on a Sunday at very early hours, Andy emailed me back straight away as he was still working on another job, impressed, I was. During the process I spoke to Mike on the phone for an who informed me that they had to build a custom heat sink so the drive would stay on long enough to get the image from the drive and the heat dissipation was to prevent the motor bearing over heating due to friction as there were just short of 4Billion sectors on my drive and several million of those were bad. One of the worst they had seen in a while, and that even new heads would have struggled to improve the read times by a few percent, and that the only cause for this would be a head crash, most likely during power fluctuations or a knock or , pointing to slight spindle to motor angle change, all very technical stuff, again making me feel confident that I had made the right choice in choosing R3 Data Recovery. While my drive was in recovery I was informed of every step of the procedure and also had a very nice courtesy email from Andy reassuring me that my data was in the process of recovery and that there was no need for concern. The recovery did take a bit longer than expected, but considering the state of the drive this was more than acceptable and as soon as my data was recovered from the image and copied to the replacement drive, that was promptly sent back to me with all my data intact and safe, so all in all they sent me three couriers, and recovered every bit of my data, I have no clue how they did it and I really do not know what I would have done without their help, as it certainly would have been the end of my App development days for the foreseeable future. I whole heartedly recommend R3 Data Recovery to anyone who is of need of data recovery, and would urge you to look nowhere else for the sake of your data and your sanity. In my humble opinion R3 Data Recovery are more than specialists they are genuine professionals.